The Abcs Of Removing Smoke Odors From Your Clothing After A Home Fire


No matter how small a fire may be in your home, the smoke that is involved has the ability to drift through every level, contaminating everything from your home furnishings to your clothing and everything in between. You can always count on a fire damage restoration expert to help you get your home back to what it once was after the flames are extinguished, but taking care of your personal belongings is a task that may be left up to you to handle for the most part.

14 December 2015

How To Strip And Refinish A Wooden Table


If you have an older wooden table that is still structurally in good shape but is showing a bit of wear in the finish, a good solution is to strip and refinish it. This process is not as complicated as you might think, and you should be able to complete it within two days. Stage 1: Strip the table top. Purchase a good quality paint stripper, like Dip 'N Strip, from your local home improvement store.

19 November 2015

How To Choose Hand Rails That Complement Your Landscaping


Hand rails serve as crucial safety features on exterior stairs, patios, decks and other elevated areas, and are often required by residential building codes. While hand rails play an important role in keeping visitors and family members safe, the wrong hand railings can also detract from your landscaping, spoiling the view or acting as an eyesore in an otherwise attractive yard. Fortunately, the wide variety of colors, materials and finishes used by railing manufacturers make it easy to choose railings perfectly suited to your style.

29 October 2015

A Few Tips To Help Plan Your Kitchen Remodel


When you remodel your kitchen, you probably spend a lot of time picking out countertops and kitchen cabinets. However, there are many other things to consider when planning your dream kitchen. Here's a look at some of them. Electrical Outlets Electrical outlets are very important in modern kitchens. Rather than overloading a few outlets, plan to install more than you think you'll need. Place them in convenient areas on your island and in the backsplash areas so you can plug in a coffee pot, microwave, slow cooker, can opener, and any other appliances you frequently use.

1 October 2015

Questions You Might Have Concerning Tuckpointing


Damage to your home's masonry can come in many different forms. In particular, it is common for the mortar that holds your masonry together to start to degrade as it ages. This can cause it to start to crack and fall out. Fortunately, tuckpointing is an excellent technique for correcting this type of damage to your home, and after these two questions are addressed, you should have a better understanding as to why this type of damage needs to be professionally repaired.

10 September 2015

Flooding In Your Home? Here Are The First Three Steps To Take


Discovering water damage in your basement is a disheartening feeling, but you shouldn't spend too long staring at the problem in disbelief. Although it's best to quickly call a damage restoration company, such as Flagship Restoration, it's possible to take matters into your own hands if the company can't arrive for a day or two. Removing the water and starting to deal with the dampness can not only reduce your restoration bill, but can also prevent the issue from worsening in the hours ahead.

30 June 2015

Finding And Repairing A Slab Leak


If you have copper piping installed underneath the concrete flooring in your home, and you are seeing signs that there is plumbing trouble causing leakage from these pipes, a slab leak detection service is the best way to professionally find the source of the trouble. A slab leak detection service will be able to find the area in question without causing any destruction to your home in the process. Here are some signs that your home is suffering from a slab leak and what a professional would do to repair it properly.

25 June 2015

If These Walls Could Talk! What Your Basement Walls Could Be Telling You About Moisture


There are all kinds things that could point to water problems in your basement, such as mold and mildew growth or high humidity levels. However, if you take a look at just one structural component of the basement you can easily diagnose and understand many of your moisture issues. If your basement walls could talk, you could really learn a lot about what needs to be done for waterproofing purposes to rectify the situation.

24 June 2015

If Your Roof Has Been Leaking, Watch Out For Mold


If your roof is leaking, you may be worried about water damage in your attic or ceiling, electrical issues from water getting into wiring, or even drywall crumbling. Those are all good reasons why leaky roofs should be fixed as quickly as possible. But mold is another serious problem that can result from a leaky roof. And the problem is, even if you get your roof fixed, that mold can continue to grow once it has a foothold somewhere in your home.

18 June 2015

The Top 3 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Cleaning After A Flood


Whether your home has been flooded because of a burst pipe or heavy storms, it is vital that you get the place clean and dry as quickly as possible. The longer you put off the water removal and cleaning, the stronger the possibility for permanent damage. However, it is vital that you do the clean-up properly. Here are the top three mistakes that homeowners make when they are cleaning up from a flood.

16 June 2015