Three Ways That A Professional Can Repair Your Laminate Countertop


If you have a laminate countertop in your kitchen, you might appreciate the many benefits that this material provides. Laminate countertops are low-maintenance and available in a countless number of colors, making them a popular choice for homeowners. One small drawback to laminate is that it isn't as durable as some other countertop materials. This can mean that your countertop can sustain damage over time. When you notice some damage, you don't need to think about replacing the countertop, nor do you simply need to ignore the problem. Instead, contact a countertop repair professional to discuss your issue. Here are some ways that this processional can repair laminate countertops.

Regluing Loose Edges

It's common for laminate countertops to have thin pieces of laminate along the edges. These strips are glued in place when the countertop is made but can loosen over time. At some point, you may notice that one of the edges has come loose. If you're dealing with this issue, a countertop repair professional can help. They will use a long-lasting glue to reapply the loose piece, which can help to give your countertop a like-new look. If the loose edge broke off and isn't in a suitable condition to be reglued, your repair professional will shop for a new piece of laminate that will be a good match.

Fixing Scratches And Chips

It's possible for the surface of a laminate countertop to get scratched or chipped. This can occur if you occasionally use a knife to cut food directly on the counter, rather than on a cutting board. If your laminate countertop has scratches, this can be a problem because water can soak into the blemishes and potentially cause the wood under the countertop to soften. A repair professional will often use repair paste in a matching color to the countertop to fill the blemish. Upon applying this substance to the scratch or chip, the mark will essentially disappear.

Repairing Burn Marks

Another way that a laminate countertop can suffer damage is something hot being placed on it. A hot pot or frying pan that makes prolonged contact with the surface of the countertop can often result in a burn mark. The severity of the burn will influence how your repair professional proceeds. In some cases, they may sand away the burn mark and then fill any divot that remains with repair paste that will accurately match the laminate. In other cases, the laminate countertop repair contractor may treat the affected area with a special paint-like coating to give it a like-new appearance.


3 February 2021

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