Smoke And Fire Damage In The Home: Why It's Worse Than You Think


When your home encounters any kind of smoke or fire damage, don't just assume you can clean up the mess and move on with your life. Unless the damage is extremely minimal and happened in a very well-ventilated area, odds are there is more residual damage than you think. You may not even realize it, but smoke and fire issues usually require the professional repairs of a fire damage restoration and remediation company.

Here are reasons why you should always get your fire and smoke damages at least inspected by a professional restoration company. Your home or renters insurance will often help with the cost of these types of services, although you should confirm this with your insurance agent. Your home can be severely damaged by smoke and fire; learn why it's worse than you think it is, even if the issue is minor.

Creosote settles and lingers

There are many chemicals in smoke and fire, and the smoke itself even has debris in it. Creosote, a common by-product of fire and smoke that stays behind after the fire has been put out, contains lots of flammable agents and can be found at the damage site. This substance is usually black, can be hard to remove, and should only be handled professionally to avoid contamination or damages to hard and soft surfaces.

Smoke leaves behind odors

Smoke leaves behind lots of odors and other debris that can make dealing with the aftermath of a fire that much harder. If you have lingering smoke in carpeting, furniture, drapes, and other soft surfaces, you also have the same settling odors in your walls and other hard surfaces as well. Smoke is hard to get rid of, and even if you think you have the material eliminated, you may have a larger problem than you think.

Hire a smoke and fire remediation company to help you deal with the lingering smoke and stains you have in your home. When you hire the right specialists, they will give your house a full inspection and let you know just how bad the damage is. Keep in mind that even if a fire appears to be isolated, the damages can extend far beyond the original area that was affected, so you will likely have to have a large amount of your home treated to fully restore your property from its damages. Your smoke and fire remediation company will give you a quote for their services, or they will work with your home insurance company if applicable.


29 July 2019

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