4 Emergency Tasks To Prevent Flood Damage From Getting Worse While Cleaning Up


When your home has been flooded, you want to begin cleaning up quickly. Sometimes, the damage can get worse if you overlook emergency repair needs, such as installing a tarp on the roof or removal of personal property that can be saved or restored. The following list will help you with emergency tasks that need to be done, so you can concentrate on cleaning up and begin rebuilding.

1. Removal and Storage of Materials and Personal Property That Needs to Be Saved

One of the first things that needs to be done when cleaning up damage after a flood is removing materials and personal property. You may want to talk with a water damage restoration service about temporary warehouse storage to store your belongings and materials that need to be saved for repairs after a flood.

2. Pumping Out Standing Water and Demolition of Damaged Materials That Cause Mold

There can be a lot of water that gets inside your home with a flood. You want to make sure you get all the standing water out of your home to prevent serious mold problems. In addition, it is also a good idea to do as much demolition as possible after you get the water out. Remove materials like drywall and flooring that absorb water and can lead to mold problems if they are left in your home for too long.

3. Installing Tarps on Your Roof to Prevent Leaks and Further Damage to Your Home

One of the areas that may have been severely damaged during flooding is the roof. Sometimes, there are large sections of roofing missing, which can lead to leaks and further water damage inside your home. Install tarps on your home to temporarily protect your home from leaks while repairs are being done to your home.

4. Secure Your Vacant Home with Boarding Windows and Installing Temporary Fencing

Unfortunately, your home may be vulnerable to looters and vandals if it is left vacant. Therefore, you want to make sure it is secure during the cleanup and restoration process. First, board up all the windows and doors to keep people out. You can further secure your property by installing temporary construction fencing.

These are some of the emergency tasks that you may need to have done to concentrate on cleaning up after a flood. If you need help with emergency services, contact a water damage repair service to ensure your property is safe. 


18 March 2019

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