Suffered Storm Damage? Tips For Restoring Your Home


If your home has suffered damage from a severe storm, you need to act as quickly as possible. The sooner you address the issue, the more affordable the repairs will be, and the less extensive the damage will become. However, if you don't address it right away, the damage will continue to worsen. Here are some of the things you need to discuss with a restoration and storm damage repair contractor within the first two days after the storm has passed.

Paper Products Should Be First

Paper products will deteriorate rapidly when they are exposed to water. As a result, anything paper-based needs to be addressed immediately after the storm. Gather anything of sentimental value and talk with your remediation company about the possibility of freeze-drying things to try to preserve it. Freeze-drying will speed up evaporation by solidifying the water particles, potentially allowing you to preserve these items, but only if you act quickly. The longer paper products are left wet, the more they will deteriorate.

Rugs, Curtains, And Soft Items

Rugs, drapes, and curtains are easy to deal with after storm damage. They just need to be thoroughly cleaned. You can work with your remediation company to wash them, or you can do it yourself. Just make sure that you wash them in hot water, with a quality detergent. If the fabric is particularly delicate, you'll want to have it dry cleaned instead. Either way, addressing it as soon as possible is important, because it will ensure that no mold grows in the fibers.


The carpeting needs to be addressed right away if you want to preserve it. The longer it sits, more than two days, it will need to be replaced. This is due to mold development and structural problems with the subflooring that result from prolonged water exposure. However, if you can work with a remediation and storm damage restoration company, they may be able to preserve your carpeting if you've acted quickly. They can extract the existing water, clean the carpeting, and dry it all out to eliminate any contamination that may be present in the storm water.

Structural Material

The drywall in your home's wall structure is an important part of the building's structural integrity. You need to be sure that the drywall has only suffered minor moisture damage, not structural issues. If the drywall is visibly swollen, warped, or falling apart, it will have to be replaced regardless of how quickly you act. However, if it is just wet, but not damaged, your restoration company can set up some industrial fans to ventilate the area and dry it out before it suffers any further deterioration.


26 November 2018

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