Have a Damaged Basement Wall? What to Know About Repairing the Foundation


If you have a wall in your basement that is bulging or leaning inward? If so, this should be a big concern to you. Your basement walls play a crucial role in your home's foundation, and any signs of a problem should be fixed as quickly as possible. Here are some steps to follow in order to repair your basement wall.

Have the Wall Inspected

The first step should be to bring in a professional to inspect the wall. Even small bulges in a wall are a reason to be concerned, and it can be cheaper and easier to have the wall fixed before the problem gets worse. By having the problem professionally assessed, you can find out what the recommended solution is to fix it. You'll get a price estimate to determine how much it will cost to move forward with the repair, and you can have the work scheduled.

Discover the Cause

Most foundation issues are caused by water. If it collects around the outside of your home's foundation, it can cause a problem where the soil shifts and puts more pressure than usual on the basement walls. Your foundation repair specialist will take steps to limit this kind of water damage, which can be done in several ways. It can range from extending downspouts so they do not empty next to your home, to installing a sophisticated french drain system around the home's structure that is designed to divert groundwater as far away from the home as possible. If you do not fix the cause of your foundation problem, it will only come back again over time.

Fix the Damage

There are a couple ways to repair a bulging wall in your basement. Your foundation repair specialist may attempt to fix it with anchors, which are designed to gradually move the wall outward now that the cause of the problem has been corrected. This is done by placing steel rods into the basement wall, which attach to several anchor plates outside the home. The rods will help stabilize the wall and prevent more bowing from happening. Thankfully, this method does not involve causing damage to the property outside of your home. Another option is to use steel braces, which are installed inside your home and keep the wall from continuing to move inward.

For more information on what it will take to fix your basement wall foundation problems, reach out to a foundation repair specialist like J & D Waterproofing.


22 October 2018

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