The Main Steps Of Water Damage Restoration


If a flood has recently caused damage inside your home, you might be thinking about hiring a professional water damage restoration company to help you. This is a smart move in many cases, but you still might be curious about what, exactly, the water damage restoration company will do. These are a few of the common steps that these companies take when providing restoration services for homeowners whose homes have been hit by floods.

1. Assessment of Damage

The first step that your water damage restoration team will take is to walk around your home and make an assessment of the damage. They will generally use this time to determine how much damage has been done to your home, what types of items need to be restored and which items may need to be disposed of. They may also give you a quote for their services at this time.

2. Removal of Water

Before your water damage restoration team can begin working on restoring your home and furnishings and making them usable again, they will need to get rid of as much water as possible. This is done in various ways, from using special equipment to extract water to using large fans to dry things out. Your water damage restoration team will generally want to work fast when doing so, since the faster that they move, the less damage they will generally have to deal with. For example, getting rid of the majority of the water quickly will help prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Once the bulk of the water has been removed, your water damage restoration crew can use other types of special equipment to get rid of any leftover moisture until items are as dry as possible.

3. Cleaning

Once special equipment and processes have been used to get rid of as much water as possible, your water damage restoration crew can get to work at cleaning up your home and the items inside of it. These crews are generally very experienced when it comes to using the right types of cleaning supplies and equipment to get water-damaged homes and furnishings as clean and sanitary as possible. This step is very important for both the appearance of your items and home and for safety and sanitation.

4. Restoration

Once items have been cleaned, your water damage restoration crew can begin restoring your home, such as by replacing walls or sub-flooring. It may be recommended to take some items to a specialist, such as if you need to have your furniture reupholstered or otherwise restored.

As you can see, the steps of water damage restoration are very thorough and are designed to get your items back to normal as quickly and as well as possible. If you are dealing with water damage in your home, contacting a water damage restoration company as quickly as possible will allow you to get started toward repairing everything right away.

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31 December 2016

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