Why It's Essential To Clean Up The Air After A Water Damage Incident


The larger the amount of water damage in your house and the more wet materials there are that need to be dried, the more humid the surrounding air will be and the more this could affect the rest of the house. Here are three reasons why professional water damage restoration teams spend so much time cleaning up the humidity and other contaminants in the air after a water damage incident.

1. Humid environments are perfect for mold

The more humid the air in your house is, the more likely airborne mold spores are to settle down and start a colony. Most houses have a few spots that are cool and dark and just right for mold, such as in a basement or in a forgotten corner of the bathroom, and if the air is also humid, these spots can become an ideal location for mold to start growing. The humidity in your air from even a moderately sized water damage incident in a completely different part of the house can have far-reaching effects; mold colonies can damage and stain the surfaces they grow on, cause health problems, and even make your house harder to sell. And these mold colonies can start even if you get the initial water damage cleaned up right away but neglect to dehumidify.

2. High humidity can damage your belongings

The higher the humidity in your house gets, the more likely your papers and books are to become limp, wrinkled, and even damp. In addition to these (and of course the damage that can be caused by mold, as mentioned above), excessive humidity can warp wood, cause glue to soften and come loose, and even make wallpaper less likely to keep sticking to your walls.

3. Contaminated air can carry molds and other pathogens

In addition to humidity, the air in your house may be contaminated with high concentrations of mold spores and other pathogens that came from the water-damaged area. This is especially likely if the water involved in the incident wasn't clean to begin with or if it was allowed to sit for a few hours before being cleaned up. (Many pathogens love the warm, wet environment created by indoor water damage.) So if the air quality isn't monitored and remediated during cleanup, you could end up with health problems.

These three points show why it's so crucial for water damage remediation specialists, like Fire & Flood Services Inc, to focus on cleaning not only the affected materials that had contact with the water, but also the air throughout your house.


7 December 2016

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