2 Surprising Places To Find Mold


Mold is very sneaky. It doesn't require a lot of things to grow, so anywhere that is dark and moist can end up being a mold farm. The problem with that is that you might not always see the mold growing because it does like to hide. If you are worried about having mold in your house, there are some places where you should look. 

Electrical Switches/Outlets

You may not think of your electrical outlets as a place for mold to grow, but they can provide an excellent habitat for mold. This is especially true for outlets and switches that are in places that are exposed to a lot of warm, humid air, such as in your bathroom or kitchen. If the outlet or switch is in a place where it has been flooded or exposed to leaks, there is going to be the chance that water is still sitting in those areas, or that enough moisture was absorbed into the area around the electrical outlets that the mold can get a foothold. If you do find mold in any outlets or switches, you can help to keep any mold from coming back by blocking off any gaps where humid air or moisture could creep back in by using caulk to seal up those gaps. 


Your chimney gets exposed to a lot of moisture in the form of snow and rain, especially if it is uncapped. There are also things like leafs and twigs that fall into your chimney. As they rot, they can provide organic material to feed the mold. The combination of organic material and moisture can be just what any mold spore craves. Having a fire in your fireplace might not kill the mold, depending on where in the chimney it is. The mold can grow into gaps in the grout or between the bricks or stones. If you think that you have mold in your chimney, it is going to take a professional to come and clean it out for you. That's because working in the chimney can be difficult because of the tight space. Once the mold has been cleaned out, you can help to avoid mold from coming back by capping or screening the top of the chimney. 

If you are worried about mold, you may think to check all the normal places. However, there are some uncommon places that you should also check. Visit a site like http://www.colfaxcorp.net for more information.


8 August 2016

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