Three Quick Window Screen Repair Methods You Can Use At Home Until The Repair Person Arrives


It happens--kitty claws her way through your window screen and gets out, or something unusual happens to cause your screens to tear. Whichever way your window screens become ripped, it may take some time to get a repair person (such as one from Northridge Screen) to come replace them. Thankfully, there are several quick, easy and temporary solutions for window screen repair that you can do yourself. These patch jobs will hold your damaged screens until the technician arrives. 

Duct Tape or Packing Tape

Sure, they are not pretty, but duct tape or packing tape are effective patches for window screens. You will need a second person's help and holding the screen pieces in place while you apply the tape to the rips so that the rips do not spread out and then the tape is stuck. If you attempt to remove the tape to reposition it, you might make the tears worse, so be sure to get some help with holding the screen's torn edges together. Additionally, duct tape now comes in multiple colors, patterns and even clear if you want to avoid the traditional silver-colored duct tape.

Needle and Thread

Thatchers were tradesmen who used needle and thread to patch fishing nets (they also thatched roofs, thus the name). If you think you can manage a needle and thread like a thatcher, then you can perform a simple whip stitch and sew up the tears in your screen. Select a thin needle, one that will fit through the holes in the mesh of the screen, and thread that effectively matches the screen mesh--black is pretty common, but you will have to check the screen color up close to be sure. When threading the needle, double the thread over onto itself after you have pulled the single thread through, then tie off the two ends. This will form the loop you need to secure the thread at the top of the tear in your window screen. Then just go in-through-around-out/through-around-in/through and continue this sewing pattern all the way down the length of the screen tear. Tie the thread off with another loop and repeat for other tears in your screen(s). 

Cold Solder

If you want to get really technical with your approach, you could also use cold solder to repair a metal screen. The cold solder is "melted" onto the ripped edges and then held until the edges are stuck fast in the cold solder. (You could also try to melt the edges of a metal screen together, but you would have to be very careful with this method.) Repeat this procedure every quarter inch or so until the little blobs of cold solder have helped seal up the tear.


26 April 2016

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