4 Tips For Making Moving Your New Mattress Easy


With the average mid-priced mattress lasting around seven years with proper care, you may find that you need to move out of your current home or apartment and will need to bring the mattress along. While you may be used to moving the mattress similarly to any other piece of furniture, this can be a mistake since it could lead to significant damage to the mattress and could even void the warranty.

To make sure that your newly purchased mattress is moved without a risk of damaging it, consider some of the following tips that professional movers recommend.

Wrap the Mattress to Avoid Damaging It

The most effective way of making sure that the mattress is not damaged during moving is wrapping it carefully. Instead of using fabric or a blanket, look into buying a polyurethane mattress bag designed for the size of your bed. A quality mattress bag will prevent both liquid damage and potential tears, helping to preserve the mattress during the move.

Look for Help Before Handling the Mattress

Moving a mattress through a narrow hallway or down a steep set of stairs can be a hassle and can even be dangerous if you were to trip. To avoid potentially damaging the mattress, check out if professional movers are within your budget or if it may be an option to look for help from friends or family.

This way, you can have at least one person on either end of the mattress so it can be moved safely.

Position the Mattress on Its Side While Moving

When moving the mattress, it is so important that it is not kept in a bent position that can affect the comfort of it when it is lying flat. The easiest way to avoid any bending is through leaving the mattress standing on the side and held still with heavy furniture or boxes to prop it up.

Make Sure the Mattress Is Included in Moving Insurance

If you are getting moving insurance to help protect all of your belongings, it is vital that the mattress is included. While the cost of your mattress can vary greatly, you need to consider whether or not the insurance will help take care of refunding you the cost if it is damaged or lost.

Keeping a mattress in fantastic shape can become more difficult when you are planning a move, but it does not mean that you have to leave it up to chance of whether the mattress is moved safely. Keep the above tips in mind and your mattresses should arrive at your new home without any issues. 


2 March 2016

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