Three Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Washing Machine Working Optimally


You might wash several loads of laundry each week without spending much time thinking about your washing machine. If the machine breaks down, however, you'll quickly realize how much you were taking it for granted. The good news is that an appliance service can visit your home to take care of the broken washing machine and have it up and running before long. If you want to avoid the risk of having a breakdown, however, you can perform a series of simple maintenance tips that can keep the machine running properly. Here are three things that you can do.

Change The Hoses

The rubber hoses that attach to the back of the washing machine can fail over time, which will leave you with a sizable puddle on the floor and the possibility of serious water damage in your home if you don't notice the issue soon enough. You can lessen the risk of this hassle by making sure to change the hoses regularly. It's generally advisable to change the hoses every three to five years. Doing so is simply a matter of buying a replacement set at your local home appliance store and then unscrewing the old ones and screwing the new ones in place.

Run A Cleaning Cycle

If your washing machine is noisy, you might be resistant to the idea of running it more than necessary, but a cleaning cycle is an effective way to remove residue from the inside that can inhibit the machine's ability to clean your clothes properly. Cleaning the machine regularly also helps it smell fresh; an unclean machine can develop a smell of mildew over time. Check your owner's manual to read about the steps to take for the cleaning cycle. Typically, it requires adding a special type of cleaning solution and setting the machine to a designated cleaning setting. It's a good practice to perform this task about once per month.

Don't Overload It

Try not to be tempted by the idea of squeezing two loads' worth of laundry into a single washing cycle. When you overload the washing machine, you're forcing it to move more weight than it's designed to do. The result is that the machine's motor and many other moving parts fall under a strain that can wear them out prematurely. Consult the owner's manual to learn the ideal size of load and try to stick to this suggestion as much as possible.

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9 February 2016

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