How To Choose Hand Rails That Complement Your Landscaping


Hand rails serve as crucial safety features on exterior stairs, patios, decks and other elevated areas, and are often required by residential building codes. While hand rails play an important role in keeping visitors and family members safe, the wrong hand railings can also detract from your landscaping, spoiling the view or acting as an eyesore in an otherwise attractive yard. Fortunately, the wide variety of colors, materials and finishes used by railing manufacturers make it easy to choose railings perfectly suited to your style. Check out these tips to select rails that work with -- not against -- your landscaping, allowing nature, outdoor views and other attractive elements to shine through.

Work With Your Landscape Style

Certain railing materials and colors work better with certain home and landscape styles, while others will look out of place when used in the wrong location. For example, if you have a modern home design, or you're trying to create an outdoor area with a sleek, zen style, a heavy wrought iron railing might not be the ideal option. Instead, pick materials with clean lines and a more industrial or modern finish, such as aluminum rails, glass panels, simple cable rails, or contemporary shades like white or silver. If you are focusing on a more natural look, or your home is designed in the rustic or ranch style, consider a wooden rail system or pick composite rails in earthy tones like green or brown. For the traditional home and yard, you can't go wrong with classic, crisp white rails or traditional wrought iron.

Make Railings Disappear

If preserving a spectacular view is a priority, choose rails that will disappear into the landscape rather than draw the eye. Avoid high contrast colors at all costs and match the rail to the surrounding area. For example, if you want to preserve a water view, choose light-colored rails, such as a white composite rail or a sleek aluminum. Keep your view of the trees or forest clear by choosing dark rails in shades of green, brown, black or even metallic finishes like copper. Looking for rails around a concrete or paver pool deck? Pick lighter shades to blend in. Glass rails and cable rail systems trick the eye and disappear from view naturally, while metal rails are often smaller than their wooden or composite counterparts while offering the same level of strength, which can help you avoid blocking the view more than necessary.

Consider Railings as a Design Element

In some cases, railings can serve as an attractive element in their own right. If you want to draw attention to railings, pick contrasting colors, and avoid shades that blend in with the home or landscape. Rails that contrast with the home will add curb appeal, while those that contrast with the landscape will pop when viewed from inside the home or from the patio or deck. If this contrast makes you nervous, keep balusters and other trim in a similar shade as your house or trim colors to tie these elements together.

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29 October 2015

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