Questions You Might Have Concerning Tuckpointing


Damage to your home's masonry can come in many different forms. In particular, it is common for the mortar that holds your masonry together to start to degrade as it ages. This can cause it to start to crack and fall out. Fortunately, tuckpointing is an excellent technique for correcting this type of damage to your home, and after these two questions are addressed, you should have a better understanding as to why this type of damage needs to be professionally repaired. 

What Happens If You Do Not Have Tuckpointing Work Done To Your Home?

It is common for some homeowners to attempt to avoid or delay having their home's mortar repaired, either to delay paying this expense or out of ignorance of the threat deteriorating mortar may pose. It is important for you to have this type of damage repaired as quickly as possible. 

As the mortar deteriorates, it will be able to provide less and less support to the bricks, which may cause them to start to fall out or come loose. Eventually, this can cause the entire wall or structure to collapse.

Can You Use An Epoxy Repair Kit To Tuckpoint Your Masonry?

During ill-guided attempts to avoid paying a professional (such as Hart Restoration Group) to do this type of work, there are many people that will make the error of attempting to do this work on their own. There are epoxy-based tuckpointing kits that can be purchased from most home improvement stores, but you should generally avoid using these kits. 

In addition to the technical skill involved in tuckpointing, it is important to use the correct materials for this work. The epoxy used in these kits may not fully bond to the mortar that is used in your home, which will result in the damage returning soon after this work has been done. When you hire a professional to tuckpoint your home, they will analyze the mortar that was originally used, and they will attempt to match the composition of this mortar when they are preparing the mortar filler. This can ensure that both your home's appearance is protected as well as offering a lasting repair. 

Tuckpointing can save your home from the ravages of degraded mortar. Degraded mortar will be unable to provide your home's bricks with the type of support that they require, which may lead to numerous safety issues for your house. Knowing the importance of having this type of damage repaired as well as the need to avoid epoxy based repair kits should allow you to make better decisions when your home is in need of this type of routine repair. 


10 September 2015

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