The Top 3 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Cleaning After A Flood


Whether your home has been flooded because of a burst pipe or heavy storms, it is vital that you get the place clean and dry as quickly as possible. The longer you put off the water removal and cleaning, the stronger the possibility for permanent damage. However, it is vital that you do the clean-up properly. Here are the top three mistakes that homeowners make when they are cleaning up from a flood.

Failing to Use Proper Equipment

If you have suffered a massive flood, you will need a way to extract the water. Initially, you can use a wet vac or a sump pump to remove a majority of the water. However, wet vacs and sump pumps do not remove water from the structure of the home. You can only find where water is lurking in the structure with moisture detection equipment. Until the equipment shows there is no more moisture in the woodwork, you should have dehumidifiers and fans running.

Stopping the Process Too Soon

Another big mistake that is commonly made by homeowners following a flood is stopping the cleanup process too soon. As mentioned above, you will need to make sure you check the drywall with moisture detection equipment, but there are other areas that can hide damage. You need to make sure that you remove any carpeting, and the carpet pad, in areas that have been flooded. You want to examine all of the furniture in the area, as well as the baseboards and wall hangings. These fine details are often skipped because they may not show signs of damage. You do not want to put completely clean a room, only to put contaminated furnishings back in it.

Failure to Recognize the Seriousness of the Situation

Water damage is a serious situation, regardless of how extensive it appears to be. Mold loves moisture, and it can grow quickly. This means that not only do you need to clean quickly and thoroughly, you need to make sure that you are protected. Prior to removing the water, take a full assessment of the situation and then protect yourself with tall rubber boots. The flood waters in your home will often carry contaminants, such as sewage or chemicals, which may be toxic to your health.

Even if you feel that the damage was not extensive, it is always a good idea to consult with a professional water removal company to make sure the removal process is done correctly. They are trained to work quickly and safely, as well as have the proper equipment to get all of the water pulled out of your home.


16 June 2015

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