Customizing Server Systems With Difficult Demands


To the untrained eye, the world of computers may seem like an efficient, standardized collection of technologies geared towards getting the job done well. Unfortunately, there are many competing standards vying for dominance or simply trying to make a mark on the industry and consumers.

If you have a lot of different server sizes, computer shapes and network appliance designs that don't seem to fit well with each other, consider a few ways that a team of sheet metal fabricators can help you achieve an organized computer system layout:

Why Are Server Racks Important?

Basic desktops and laptops can be installed--or simply set down--on a desk or table that can fit. If you're dealing with a server, router or other high-performance device that needs to perform with other devices in a safe area, the task isn't so simple.

Many tech-savvy businesses and experts install their server in a server rack. The server rack allows technicians to install multiple devices vertically instead of taking up desk space across the entire room. Multiple servers, networking devices (routers, switches and hubs) and security appliances such as hardware firewalls can be installed in the same place.

Installing these devices in the same place enhances security and maintenance ability. The technician doesn't need to run long cables to each device, instead utilizing a patch panel to connect different ports together. There's less of a chance for snooping individuals to remove cables for their own usage by cutting the cable in an unknown area, and the data travel time is shorter because of the physically shorter cabling.

Fabricating Custom Racks Can Help

The 19-inch server rack was once the most popular server rack size and is still used in modern data centers, but since so many systems use designs that are beyond the 19-inch dimension restrictions, fitting in equipment that you need can be difficult.

Different vendors may sell racks that fit their devices, or may have partner companies that build racks for their systems. Unfortunately, going to a specific manufacturer may give you a lot of unused, expensive metal that isn't utilized to its fullest potential.

A metal fabrication team can design racks that can accommodate your largest device. From there, shelving can be installed that fits difference device sizes. You can send the dimensions of your devices for precision-fit shelving or adjustable shelves that can be tightened around the device.

Get in contact with a sheet metal fabricator to design server racks, secure computer cages and other containers to serve your servers with more flexibility.

To learn more, contact a company like Legacy Restoration & Construction LLC.


12 June 2015

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