Types Of Basement Waterproofing Solutions


As the term seem to suggest, basement waterproofing solutions are specific installations that are put into place in your basement to prevent water from leaking in and causing damage or mold growth. Despite the fact that all variants seek to fulfill the same need, there are a couple of differences in how different types of basement waterproofing solutions operate and the advantages that they offer. Understanding what each type of basement waterproofing solution provides can help you choose the one that best suits your water protection needs.

28 February 2017

The Main Steps Of Water Damage Restoration


If a flood has recently caused damage inside your home, you might be thinking about hiring a professional water damage restoration company to help you. This is a smart move in many cases, but you still might be curious about what, exactly, the water damage restoration company will do. These are a few of the common steps that these companies take when providing restoration services for homeowners whose homes have been hit by floods.

31 December 2016

Why It's Essential To Clean Up The Air After A Water Damage Incident


The larger the amount of water damage in your house and the more wet materials there are that need to be dried, the more humid the surrounding air will be and the more this could affect the rest of the house. Here are three reasons why professional water damage restoration teams spend so much time cleaning up the humidity and other contaminants in the air after a water damage incident.

7 December 2016

2 Surprising Places To Find Mold


Mold is very sneaky. It doesn't require a lot of things to grow, so anywhere that is dark and moist can end up being a mold farm. The problem with that is that you might not always see the mold growing because it does like to hide. If you are worried about having mold in your house, there are some places where you should look.  Electrical Switches/Outlets You may not think of your electrical outlets as a place for mold to grow, but they can provide an excellent habitat for mold.

8 August 2016

Answers To Questions You May Have About Flood Damage


Have you recently moved to an area that gets frequent flooding? Are you wondering what you can do if your home is caught in a flood? If you're unfamiliar with the aftermath of flooding, you probably have many questions about what to expect. Here are the answers to some of the questions you may be asking about flood damage repair: Is it possible for a homeowner to clean up water damage on their own?

12 May 2016

Three Quick Window Screen Repair Methods You Can Use At Home Until The Repair Person Arrives


It happens--kitty claws her way through your window screen and gets out, or something unusual happens to cause your screens to tear. Whichever way your window screens become ripped, it may take some time to get a repair person (such as one from Northridge Screen) to come replace them. Thankfully, there are several quick, easy and temporary solutions for window screen repair that you can do yourself. These patch jobs will hold your damaged screens until the technician arrives.

26 April 2016

Should It Stay Or Should It Go? Deciding Which Items To Save And Which To Toss After A Flood


If you are in the middle of a flooded basement situation caused by a river overflow, knowing which items to grab and which to ignore is helpful as it saves you precious time, possibly helping you salvage more of your items as a result. While it is best to have a water damage restoration service help you remove your belongings promptly, this is not always feasible when several of your neighbors are dealing with the same troubles.

7 April 2016